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22 Jahre


Zwickauer Holzlaternen®,
the Original, made in the lantern manufacture
Made in Germany
Quality from Saxony since 1994

The lanterns are manufactured in solid  handicraft in our family enterprise at the
foot of the Ore Mountains.
These valuable lanterns are manufactured according to old patterns.
The solid construction take place in 41 individual parts and in 236 individual
production steps.
The wooden parts are assembled without glue but with a stable tenon compound.
For the manufacture of lanterns of the highest quality we use native
beech, which is then glazed with wooden protection “antique”.
All metal parts of the lanterns are stainless and suitable for outdoor use under
canopies. All items are manufactured exclusively in our workshop. 
Each lantern is therefore unique. These lamps and their warm candlelight
enchanted your sweet home in a moody atmosphere.
 Laternenmacher (Lantern maker) Joachim Schmidt




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